Development Log #5

Hi everyone ! Last Dev-Log was almost 1 month ago, it’s about time for a new one ! In this new Development-Log #5, we’ll show you what’s up with the project (no we’re not dead!)


Since December we are actively working on making the artistic side of the game better. This is possible because of a very active artistic team (Storoj, Bivan, capsLOCK and Bucc) as well as fantastic Design team (Henry Lynch and Takjauznevim123). In the last Dev-Blog we previewed some concepts for the flora, here they are within the game:

Model and Textures by Bivan
Model and Textures by Bivan

This is the Swamp tree (if you have an idea for a name, don’t hesitate to drop in our Idea channel !) You may have also noticed that the map has changed a bit and you’d be correct! We have moved to a new home Island (name ideas are welcome here too) and we are now focusing on two initial biomes; Swamp and Beach.

With the Swamp side of the Island introduced, let’s grab a bucket and spade and head to the warmer side! Storoj has begun creating some strange and.. downright funky vegitation for this sandy seaside.

Model and Textures by Storoj
Model and Textures by Storoj

Staying on the beach and a bit grainier, Bivan has started work on our own sand texture and it’s looking awesome! You can almost feel it in the foot of your frame..

Sand Textures by Bivan

And now about upcoming ones

Last time capsLOCK showed you a preview of his Glider Pad. Well, here is a more advanced version of it almost completed, just some finer detail left to add. Some lovely emissive shading to spot them from a far distance in the night, careful tho.. that creamy core looks hot!

Model and Textures by CapsLock

And lastly, Bucc is currently working on a new model but it’s a secret… Small clue: it has legs and it’s not living. Any ideas?


This week, we’ve also focused on the UI. It is now better and more explicit. On the left we have the jetpack fuel bar and at the bottom; health and ammo bar. Note that this is work in progress, but it’s already fully customizable. This might let us introduce a fully customizable (size, placement, color) UI in the future.. (Watch this space.)

UI with stats maxed

What about now ?

The next weeks are going to be dedicated at fixing bugs (or making them features), continuing work on the first two biomes and prepare for the playtest!

To sum it up, I would like to say thank you to everyone participating in this project from the devs up to you, the community. We are only working on our free time so it’s not always easy for us but we’re passionate and I guess it sufficient πŸ˜€ ! I would also like to thanks our Patreon supporters who help us financially. At this moment, money does not (and has not) served for our own bank account but it’s helping us running servers, buying assets and developing our project, so thank you guys!

This concludes this Development-Log #5. As always if you want to take part in the project, don’t hesitate to send us a mail!

Thank you for staying with us, keep an eye on our Discord channel so you don’t miss on any of our news!

CapsLock & Spitap

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