Development Log #2

Dear community, allow us to welcome you on our second #DevLog. The summer has passed and thus we come with more to show you! We have been working selflessly on the game, we have improved the basic game mechanics, sorted out the basic online connectivity and last but not least, we managed to create some one-of-a-kind concept artworks to give you an idea of the art style the game will stick to.

What was happening during the summer

Sentinel API server

We have decided to replace the former backend service with our own custom system called the Sentinel and its sharded MongoDB database. That allows us to be flexible and deliver new content quickly. Sentinel is an API server designed to serve our needs, written in Node.js connected to MongoDB. Sentinel is currently used for user authentication, player data storage (inventories, progress,…) and communication between game servers and database. In future, parts of this API will be public so that fans can develop their own custom apps which can use game data directly from the database.


Our team has been able to containerize game servers into Docker containers, meaning we are already allowed to scale game servers in Kubernetes easily.

Game server optimization

Parts of our servers (i.e. AI) now allow multithreading, which means we can utilize server CPUs more efficiently resulting in lower operational cost and lower carbon footprint as we only use the resources that are really needed. 🍃

Minor additions

Minor additions include for example Discord integration.

What has our Art team been up to

Our art designers spent quite some time working on new concepts to be featured in the game. Here is a taste of their work.

Assault Exoframe

Male base character

Glider concept

The glider will be a very powerful tool in the game. Therefore we will include different types of them, each with different pros and cons. You get to decide which suits you the best.

Character variations

Creatures concept art

Standard Assault rifle

Just to remind you, we are continuously looking for new team members, especially for those with experience in Unity, frontend React development or 3D design. Did you find yourself in one of those three? You’re our guy! If you’re interested in lending us a hand, contact us through our contact form!

Q&A from our Discord

#1 How big is the dev team?
     Currently around 10 members are active.

#2 Do you have any funding?
     We have a Patreon page currently used to fund necessary utilities such as servers. The whole team is working on the game voluntarily. We are planning to do a crowdfunding      campaign further in the future.

#3 What scale will the final game be?
     The aim is to deliver a unique open world MMO game with unique gameplay experience.

#4 What game engine is used?
     The game is developed in Unity Engine.

If there is anything on your mind you would like to ask us, you’re more than welcome in our Discord Q&A room!

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