Open World
MMO Shooter


Explore a strange new world located in a different solar system.


Gather resources and craft better weapons, equipment and vehicles.


Use one of many Exoframes to fit your playstyle and cooperate with others to defend the last bits of humanity.


Move around the world by using different types of ground and air vehicles. Every Exoframe is equipped with glider wings and jetpack.


Experience the persistent open world with hundreds or thousands of players – no game matches, but true metaverse.


Do quests and missions, gather resources, or participate in dynamic or seasonal events.


The Arclight Project was created to be able to put an end to a revolution from Alpha Prime. It was a warship capable of faster than light travel, capable of traveling a single lightyear in one hour. With more than enough firepower to wipe clean the surface of Alpha Prime several times over.

It was during the testing of the fifth iteration of the warp drive when the accident occurred. The failure caused the ship to split in half, sending most of the crew into space. The warp drive has been activated and propelled the front of the ship to its original destination of Alpha Prime while dragging the rear of the ship along as well, crushing it along the way. When the (Arcfold) finally deactivated there was complete chaos.

The crew immediately started emergency protocols, completely unaware that the rear of the ship was detached. They closed all bulkheads and activated the ship’s secondary generators. They brought full power to the Command sections and started on a more thorough situation report.

The ship failed to connect to any networks despite the communication systems being brought online and passing all functionality tests, but they were able to detect a relay within the unknown system they jumped in. The short-range scanner showed a habitable planet, in fact, they were in a stable orbit around it. The captain couldn’t believe it, it worked, they were at Alpha Prime, but why were there no communications coming in? Why couldn’t we connect to the interstellar network? Or even the local system network?

While a more in-depth damage analysis was underway the captain sent a shuttle to intercept a relay satellite to initiate a manual link into the network. When the engineer opened the access panel he read the engraving “Manufactured in 2244”. That’s not possible, the year is 2232. The manual uplink was established, our access codes were accepted, but the system said a notification had been sent to Alpha Prime because our code, while valid, was out of date. We waited a week for a response that would never come, maintaining the ship’s life support system with what resources and tools we had.